MMW: July 27th


The reality TV star turned fashion mogul has come a long way since her days on The Simple Life. Still as hilarious but a little more grown up, Nicole Richie’s personality is as spunky as her Style. I like to think of her style as bad-ass boho, a great mix of vintage silhouettes with rocker details, not unlike her line House of Harlow. She’s by far the only person I have ever seen rock the lavender hair trend if that’s any indication of her soft yet outspoken style — and that’s no easy feat. Also a mom, Nicole sets the bar high for effortless style while always looking comfy and confident in anything she wears. Maybe her life has never been simple, but take a tip from Nicole (who’s never liked jeans) and stick to simple items you know you can wear all day for lasting comfort and confidence.

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Image via Us Magazine


MMW: June 1st

KimKardashianParisIn celebration of her announced pregnancy with her second child, Kim Kardashian West is this week’s Monday’s Most Wanted. Hailing from one of the most Kontroversial families in America, Kim has recently gained recognition as one of the most fashionable women in the world.  Kim has changed in so many ways since her family first began their famed reality show, but her Style is by far the most impressive transformation. Now a close friend of Olivier Rousteing, Kim often steps out in fashion-forward Balmain, and rocks it. Known for her curves, she expertly shows them off in tight-fitting silhouettes. And it doesn’t hurt that her husband is a well-known fashion figure as well. Take a tip from Kim and stick to designers and silhouettes that you know suit you, and you’ll look and feel confident every time.

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Image via Us Magazine