TT: March 3rd

MFW-Street-Day5-3bAll. Sweater. Everything. That’s everyone’s winter dream, right? Well it’s coming to life in such a Stylish way. Thanks to designers like Marc Jacobs, what used to be is lazy is now the new luxe. More and more Stylish sartorialists have been spotted in sweater from head to toe, giving us a great excuse to keep it cozy and casual.

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Image via Vogue


MMW: January 26th


This isn’t the first time Danish Street Style star Pernille Teisbaek has appeared on Foreign Affaires–remember the sweater-scarf? Leave it to the Danes to innovate in the field of fashion, too. Founder of the internationally-reaching blog Look de Pernille, Pernille is no stranger to being fashion-forward–her outfit even hits 3 of the most avant-garde trends I’ve featured on my blog (see culottes, socks with sandals, and faux fur coats). While her Style may be unpredictable, it’s only because you can count on her to try the latest trend and nail it. To learn more about the former model and Fashion Editor and Director, make sure to check out her blog–one of my absolute favorites for outfit inspiration.

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Image Courtesy of The Fashion Medley

TT: December 16th



Fashion is full of surprises. Just when you think you’ve tied your scarf every way imaginable, you realize you’ve forgotten to use your sweater as a scarf! I adore this trend for its innovative use of a simple sweater–as I’ve always said, Style is all about working with what you’ve got. Simply flip a light sweater over your shoulder, tie it snugly, and voila!

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Image Courtesy of WhoWhatWear