TT: June 9th


For our first West Coast family reunion with little kids (and big kids too!), I’ve got one thing on my mind: Disneyland. Upon researching our upcoming trip to the original magic kingdom, I discovered the Vans collaboration with Disney, and was pleasantly surprised to see that Mickey and Minnie are making a comeback. As timeless as they are, this isn’t the first time that Mr. and Mrs. Mouse have trended in fashion. Vintage anything is always in vogue among street style stars, but Mickey and Minnie are near and dear to any big kid’s heart, making them especially fun and youthful in the sometimes serious world of fashion.


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Image via StyleCaster

TT: March 31st



If your jeans are falling apart then you’re in luck this season–embroidered jeans are making a comeback! Covering up your holes with patches, rhinestones, and embroidered motifs is no longer just clever, it’s actually on trend. Turn your daily jeans into a statement piece by choosing designs that speak to you; pair with a simple white tee and flats or heels and you’re an instant street Style star.

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Image via Farfetch

MMW: February 23rd

Eva Chen at Sonia Rykiel

In her first year as Lucky’s Editor-in-Chief, Eva has become an instant street Style star. The fresh-faced fashion editor has a story not too different from my own; one fateful college summer at a Harper’s Bazaar changed her pre-med career track in favor of fashion, and look at her now! One of my personal favorite Style icons, Eva will try just about anything and pull it off. Read all about her story and adventurous take on personal Style that is both inspiring and trend-setting on Lucky Shops.

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Image via Gastro Chic

MMW: February 9th


How do sophistication and street meet? With Caroline Issa’s signature Style. The renowned street Style star is also fashion director at Tank Magazine, and (as of today) a fashion designer. Caroline teamed up with Nordstrom Signature to create timeless feminine designs– she describes the line, like her Style, as “classic with a twist.” The designs emulate her flawless street Style (iconic silhouettes with modern details make her a front-row fixture at Fashion Week). Stay tuned to Vogue for street Style at upcoming shows–Caroline always makes an appearance. And make sure to check out her newly launched line at Nordstrom for more Issa-piration!

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Image via The Fashion Spot

MMW: February 2nd

GwenStefaniVogueCoverSinger, Fashion Designer, Voice Coach, and Mom, Gwen Stefani does it all–in Style, of course!–making her this week’s Most Wanted. Known for her street Style and harajuku-inspired outfits, Gwen’s signature look is unmatched. Her unique Style blends trendy with polished so effortlessly. Take a tip from Gwen and pair baggy boyfriend jeans or sporty slacks with high heels and a red lip. With talent to boot, there’s No Doubt she’s an icon in music as well as fashion.

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Image via Vogue 

MMW: December 29th


The year’s Most Wanted model doesn’t disappoint off duty. Cara Delevingne’s famous face has graced countless catwalks and magazine covers in haute couture, but her street Style is perhaps even more beloved by fashion fans. Often spotted in skater hats, sneakers, or vintage tees, her Style is ironically irreverent for a top model. Her iconic tough-girl looks so effortlessly complement her devil-may-care attitude–it’s no wonder one-of-a-kind Cara was 2014’s ultimate It-girl.

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Image Courtesy of This&That