S4S: August 16th


Have nothing to do today? Sundays are perfect for DIY projects like this scarf dress, brought to us by the brilliant Leandra Medine of Man Repeller. A silky scarf is the ultimate luxury (Hermes, anyone?) and now there’s no easier way to look like a million bucks without the bucks. So what are you waiting for? Follow this link for a simple and stylish outfit you already own.

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Image via Man Repeller


MMW: January 26th


This isn’t the first time Danish Street Style star Pernille Teisbaek has appeared on Foreign Affaires–remember the sweater-scarf? Leave it to the Danes to innovate in the field of fashion, too. Founder of the internationally-reaching blog Look de Pernille, Pernille is no stranger to being fashion-forward–her outfit even hits 3 of the most avant-garde trends I’ve featured on my blog (see culottes, socks with sandals, and faux fur coats). While her Style may be unpredictable, it’s only because you can count on her to try the latest trend and nail it. To learn more about the former model and Fashion Editor and Director, make sure to check out her blog–one of my absolute favorites for outfit inspiration.

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Image Courtesy of The Fashion Medley

TT: December 16th



Fashion is full of surprises. Just when you think you’ve tied your scarf every way imaginable, you realize you’ve forgotten to use your sweater as a scarf! I adore this trend for its innovative use of a simple sweater–as I’ve always said, Style is all about working with what you’ve got. Simply flip a light sweater over your shoulder, tie it snugly, and voila!

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Image Courtesy of WhoWhatWear

Seasons Change, But Your Wardrobe Doesn’t Have To

What do you wear when you’re vacationing in the French Alps in the Spring and you’re surrounded by fields of flowers but the mountains are still covered in snow? This may not be your everyday scenario, but it brings to light an important topic: the goal of your closet should be versatility. Because this topic is so fundamental and multidimensional, we will continue to explore its many facets in the future; this week will focus on seasonal versatility. As I welcomed my white short shorts last week I challenged myself to make more use of my winter wardrobe this summer. Now that doesn’t mean that I’ll be wearing wool to the beach, but rolling up your dark winter jeans is completely innocuous and totally stylish with a light blouse and sandals. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying any piece of clothing for all seasons:

1. When investing in Jeans (a whole other topic that we’ll cover down the road), pay attention to length. I personally prefer to invest in different shades and colors of Jeans rather than different lengths. Rolling up your Jeans in June is much more feasible (and stylish) than wearing long thick socks with Capris at Christmas.

2. Your Winter wardrobe can last you all year if you choose the quality wisely. Although it’s hard not to slink into that one chunky wool sweater that keeps you warm all Winter, try looking for fabric compositions that will work in Fall and Spring as well. My personal favorites for sweaters are lightweight Merino Wool or blends with a small percentage of Wool.

3. Scarves are the ultimate swiss army knives of Style. Not only can they be worn infinite ways (another blog topic for another day!) but they can also be worn throughout all seasons. My scarf du jour (pictured above) is a black Cashmere-Silk blend from J. Crew. Cashmere is another great investment for your year-long wardrobe, a soft silk blend like mine will caress you all the way through Summer.


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Photo: Author in the French Alps, Courtesy of Leila Violette @leilaviolette