Collectibles Aren’t Here to Stay

As I roamed the streets of London  last month, I felt rather overdressed. There’s no doubt that basics work for the Brits, but I think it’s safe to say that the Queen would not have invited them to tea in those outfits. As I began to pack my bags for Los Angeles this week, I turned to the Brits and their minimalist Style for inspiration while clearing my closet of all un-loved items. Some pieces are easy to part with, and some have been gathering dust in my closet for years, just narrowly missing the yearly reaping. I like to call those Collectibles. I believe that every item in your closet should be carefully chosen and cherished, or it shouldn’t be there. But that’s easier said than done! When your best friend gives you a shirt that you know you’ll never wear, you sure don’t donate it right away. And when you snag a designer dress that fits your budget but not your bum, I know you hold onto it. Collectibles are items of value–emotional or monetary–and they’re hard to get rid of. Here are a few things to consider in order to avoid those pesky Collectibles:

1. Shop with Purpose. Capricious purchases roll in at a much higher rate when you don’t shop with purpose. The Mall is full of fun things, but not always useful things, so stick to what you need. Sadly, this includes sales; we often fall for things we don’t need because of the steep discount. You are stronger than sales!

2. Third Time’s the Charm. As much as I despise shopping for head-to-toe outfits, it’s better than trying to put together an outfit from a closet full of those capricious purchases. Before buying any item, think of at least 3 things you already own to go with it.

3. So-So’s are No-No’s.A very smart friend and coworker once told me, “If it’s a so-so, it’s a no-no,” as I tried on the same pair of jeans for the fifth time (I didn’t get those jeans). Picking the right garment is like love at first sight, it’s undeniable when you just know that it was made for you. This also includes the price tag; you should feel confident about how much you’re paying for the One.

With all the Collectibles we hoard you would think we go shopping for what would look great in our closets, but that’s just not right. It’s time to be a little selfish and think about what would look great on you. You know what you look good in, so be picky. The savvier you are while you shop, the more curated your closet will become to your own Style.


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Photo Courtesy of Author’s personal travel photos