MMW: July 27th


The reality TV star turned fashion mogul has come a long way since her days on The Simple Life. Still as hilarious but a little more grown up, Nicole Richie’s personality is as spunky as her Style. I like to think of her style as bad-ass boho, a great mix of vintage silhouettes with rocker details, not unlike her line House of Harlow. She’s by far the only person I have ever seen rock the lavender hair trend if that’s any indication of her soft yet outspoken style — and that’s no easy feat. Also a mom, Nicole sets the bar high for effortless style while always looking comfy and confident in anything she wears. Maybe her life has never been simple, but take a tip from Nicole (who’s never liked jeans) and stick to simple items you know you can wear all day for lasting comfort and confidence.

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Image via Us Magazine


S4S: May 10th

On a day where I am so far away from my own mother, I’m sighing for the perfect outfit to honor her; and luckily this season is chock full of fun trends that are perfect for Mother’s Day! Gingham is a personal fave of mine because it reminds me of picnics, summer, and all things youthful. The retro pattern is not only glamorous, but it gives me a warm and fuzzy nostalgia similar to that feeling you get when you open a care package from your mom full of goodies from home–it’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a dress, especially today!

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Image via Net-A-Porter