FQF: July 17th

MarcJacobs“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”

Marc Jacobs

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MMW: June 29th

GigiHadidS4SGigi Hadid is everywhere, which is partly why I hesitated to make her one of my MMWs. She may be an obvious choice, but her Style is noteworthy nonetheless. The half-Dutch, half-Palestinian, American-born beauty began modelling at the wee age of 2 with Guess, and has since moved on to Chanel and Marc Jacobs runways (to name a few), a couple international Vogue covers, an appearance in the renowned Pirelli calendar, and a contract as the new face of Maybelline– not too shabby for a 20-year-old. She may be an international It girl, but my favorite part about her is that she wears every outfit with a humble smile. Fashion can be fierce, but the lesson to be learned from Gigi is to always have fun with it and you’ll glow from the inside out.

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MMW: April 20th


Marc Jacobs was making Style statements in dresses long before Jaden Smith–sorry, Jaden, but Marc always has and always will wear it best. Just like any runway collection of his, Marc’s Style is just so Marc. Tailored kilts, coats, and dresses are a staple in his everyday wardrobe, which he always accessorizes with a hunky Hermes bag. Eccentric to say the least, the man and his Style are legendary.

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TT: March 3rd

MFW-Street-Day5-3bAll. Sweater. Everything. That’s everyone’s winter dream, right? Well it’s coming to life in such a Stylish way. Thanks to designers like Marc Jacobs, what used to be is lazy is now the new luxe. More and more Stylish sartorialists have been spotted in sweater from head to toe, giving us a great excuse to keep it cozy and casual.

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Image via Vogue