TT: June 9th


For our first West Coast family reunion with little kids (and big kids too!), I’ve got one thing on my mind: Disneyland. Upon researching our upcoming trip to the original magic kingdom, I discovered the Vans collaboration with Disney, and was pleasantly surprised to see that Mickey and Minnie are making a comeback. As timeless as they are, this isn’t the first time that Mr. and Mrs. Mouse have trended in fashion. Vintage anything is always in vogue among street style stars, but Mickey and Minnie are near and dear to any big kid’s heart, making them especially fun and youthful in the sometimes serious world of fashion.


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Image via StyleCaster

S4S: March 15th


With a new Disney movie in theaters it’s a magical weekend and I’m sighing for a Cinderella moment of my own. Since my prince is on the other side of the country, there’s only one way to get my fix: with a gorgeous maxi skirt fit for a fairytale. It makes an unconventional but perfect evening look with a fitted crop top, or do a daring day-time look with espadrilles and a tank. Either way you’ll feel as pretty as a princess.

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Image via Net-A-Porter