MMW: August 3rd


This comedienne’s got more than jokes, she’s got Style. Melissa McCarthy isn’t as well known for her fashion choices as she is for her acting, but that might change with the upcoming launch of her clothing line next month. The actress actually studied textiles before moving to NYC with friend Brian Atwood (yup, designer Brian Atwood), where she forewent finishing at FIT to pursue stand-up. Over 20 years later her designer dreams are coming true and we finally get to see a rather over-shadowed side to Melissa. To say her Style is bold is an understatement. She’s fond of trends and patterns, which she keeps sophisticated by opting for monochromatic palettes and muted colors. From sneaker wedges to pussy bows, her Style is a healthy mix of classic and edgy. Take a tip from Melissa and mix it up a bit– even if you end up laughing at yourself, fashion is all about having fun.

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Image via weWomen

MMW: July 13th


On the heels of the launch of her eponymous lifestyle brand, this Monday’s Most Wanted goes to Ellen Degeneres.  The funny lady may not be the most talked about fashionista in Hollywood, but her inclination for menswear sure makes her stand out. Often spotted in blazers and button-ups, she relies on the little things like great silhouettes, cool textures and patterns, and even sneakers to make menswear her own– and she does a helluva better job than a lot of men by the way. Her clothing line (available online at ED by Ellen), like her work, talk of life messages like “love” and “kindness” through simple designs. Having fun with fashion and being true to herself are integral to her unique Style, making her a true role model as well as an icon.

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Image via Famous Fix