S4S: July 19th

AlexanderMcQueenArmadilloBootsIn a perfect world Alexander McQueen would still be with us and we’d all be wearing his armadillo boots. Alas, that was years ago, so this week I’m sighing for a resurrected pair of his iconic boots, which will be auctioned off this week at Christie’s to benefit Unicef. Sadly the boots aren’t in my budget, but one lucky fashionista will be reliving a piece of fashion history in this piece of art.

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Image via Alexander McQueen


S4S November 23rd


When I moved to L.A. two months ago, I was told we were in a drought–and it has since rained on me twice. That got me sighing for an umbrella, but not just any umbrella, this Alexander McQueen umbrella featuring–you guessed it–a skull handle! The motif is so wicked that no one will notice your hair frizzing up the size of your umbrella–it’s a must for any fashionista.

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Image Courtesy of Lane Crawford