MMW: June 29th

GigiHadidS4SGigi Hadid is everywhere, which is partly why I hesitated to make her one of my MMWs. She may be an obvious choice, but her Style is noteworthy nonetheless. The half-Dutch, half-Palestinian, American-born beauty began modelling at the wee age of 2 with Guess, and has since moved on to Chanel and Marc Jacobs runways (to name a few), a couple international Vogue covers, an appearance in the renowned Pirelli calendar, and a contract as the new face of Maybelline– not too shabby for a 20-year-old. She may be an international It girl, but my favorite part about her is that she wears every outfit with a humble smile. Fashion can be fierce, but the lesson to be learned from Gigi is to always have fun with it and you’ll glow from the inside out.

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MMW: June 15th

KristinaBazanI had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Kristina Bazan at a preview for Thalé Blanc last week, so making her this week’s MMW was a no-brainer after seeing her amazing Style in person. The 20-year-old blogger has quite an impressive CV, accomplishing more in her four years since starting her blog Kayture than a lot of people do in their entire career in fashion– in the past year she’s teamed up with Piaget, Cartier, and now L’Oreal to name a few! The Swiss native definitely has the international thing going for her in more ways than one.  Her Style is a beautifully balanced mix of global inspirations and she seems to embrace local Style wherever she goes. Documenting all her trips on her blog and updating her looks from around the world, this fascinating girl is worth following.

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