Monday Most Wanted

Good Style isn’t easy to come by in this age of yoga pants and sweatshirts, but every once in a while there’s a man or woman who stands out and makes a statement with their signature Style. Originally started as “Monthly Most Wanted”, “Monday Most Wanted” is a series meant to honor these chic men and women as role models who inspire us to dress our best. Take a page from these fashion followers and you might end up here too!

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MMW: July 20th


Caitlyn Jenner has been on everyone’s lips lately, but public appearances of the star have been few and far between. After wowing at the ESPY awards with a heartfelt speech and stunning Versace gown last week, America couldn’t wait to see more of the stylish siren. Even after just a few sightings, Caitlyn’s style has already become more apparent. A mixture of simple and elegant silhouettes with tasteful touches of skin, the fashionista’s style has been carefully curated to highlight her athletic physique while celebrating her newfound femininity. You go, girl!

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Image via @supportcaitlynjenner

MMW: July 13th


On the heels of the launch of her eponymous lifestyle brand, this Monday’s Most Wanted goes to Ellen Degeneres.  The funny lady may not be the most talked about fashionista in Hollywood, but her inclination for menswear sure makes her stand out. Often spotted in blazers and button-ups, she relies on the little things like great silhouettes, cool textures and patterns, and even sneakers to make menswear her own– and she does a helluva better job than a lot of men by the way. Her clothing line (available online at ED by Ellen), like her work, talk of life messages like “love” and “kindness” through simple designs. Having fun with fashion and being true to herself are integral to her unique Style, making her a true role model as well as an icon.

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Image via Famous Fix

MMW: July 6th


In honor of her Vogue Australia cover hitting stands and her 16th anniversary with hubby David Beckham over the weekend, Victoria Beckham is this week’s MMW. The “Posh” nickname she earned with the Spice Girls back in the 90’s still rings true with the Style Icon today. Now an international business woman, fashion designer, and mum of 4, Victoria is perhaps best known for her chic Style. To achieve “Posh” status, find a balance between classic and fashion-forward the way Victoria does. Simple silhouettes in bold colors with edgy details are all you need to spice up your wardrobe!

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Image via Elle UK 

MMW: June 29th

GigiHadidS4SGigi Hadid is everywhere, which is partly why I hesitated to make her one of my MMWs. She may be an obvious choice, but her Style is noteworthy nonetheless. The half-Dutch, half-Palestinian, American-born beauty began modelling at the wee age of 2 with Guess, and has since moved on to Chanel and Marc Jacobs runways (to name a few), a couple international Vogue covers, an appearance in the renowned Pirelli calendar, and a contract as the new face of Maybelline– not too shabby for a 20-year-old. She may be an international It girl, but my favorite part about her is that she wears every outfit with a humble smile. Fashion can be fierce, but the lesson to be learned from Gigi is to always have fun with it and you’ll glow from the inside out.

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Image via My Fashion

MMW: June 22nd


Bad gal Riri does whatever she wants on and off the red carpet, which was perfectly captured at the 2014 CFDA awards when she won the Fashion Icon award and showed up nearly nude in a custom gown covered in 200,000 Swarovski crystals. From her on-point street Style to her glamourous red carpet moments, Rihanna’s looks are 100% Ori(ri)ginal. If there’s one thing you can’t teach in Style, it’s how to be yourself. Borrow some of Rihanna’s badass Style by wearing your most Stylish attitude.

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Image via Where To Get It

MMW: June 15th

KristinaBazanI had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Kristina Bazan at a preview for Thalé Blanc last week, so making her this week’s MMW was a no-brainer after seeing her amazing Style in person. The 20-year-old blogger has quite an impressive CV, accomplishing more in her four years since starting her blog Kayture than a lot of people do in their entire career in fashion– in the past year she’s teamed up with Piaget, Cartier, and now L’Oreal to name a few! The Swiss native definitely has the international thing going for her in more ways than one.  Her Style is a beautifully balanced mix of global inspirations and she seems to embrace local Style wherever she goes. Documenting all her trips on her blog and updating her looks from around the world, this fascinating girl is worth following.

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Image via Pinterest

MMW: June 8th


Zoe Kravitz, actress, model, singer, and daughter of Lenny Kravitz, is this week’s most wanted for her signature Style. I like to think of the Venice Beach native’s Style as London meets LA, or boho grunge — regardless of what you want to call it, you’ve never seen anything like it. Never one to follow trends, Zoe certainly marches to the beat of her own drum when it comes to Style — and there’s a lesson in that for all fashion bunnies. Take a tip from Zoe and stay true to what works for you regardless of the fads, there’s no better way to have stand-out Style.

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Image via The Telegraph

MMW: June 1st

KimKardashianParisIn celebration of her announced pregnancy with her second child, Kim Kardashian West is this week’s Monday’s Most Wanted. Hailing from one of the most Kontroversial families in America, Kim has recently gained recognition as one of the most fashionable women in the world.  Kim has changed in so many ways since her family first began their famed reality show, but her Style is by far the most impressive transformation. Now a close friend of Olivier Rousteing, Kim often steps out in fashion-forward Balmain, and rocks it. Known for her curves, she expertly shows them off in tight-fitting silhouettes. And it doesn’t hurt that her husband is a well-known fashion figure as well. Take a tip from Kim and stick to designers and silhouettes that you know suit you, and you’ll look and feel confident every time.

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Image via Us Magazine

MMW: May 25th

MindyKalingStyleIconGracing this week’s Monday’s Most Wanted is Mindy Kaling, the writer, actress, comedian, and fashion girl behind one of my absolute favorite shows, The Mindy Project. Although I’ve been lucky enough to work with the incredible Stylist behind Mindy’s killer looks, I have yet to meet the actress myself–but we already know she has amazing Style. Known for wearing bold colors and patterns, Mindy’s Style is standout–literally. Being curvy doesn’t stop her from being fashion-forward either; in fact mixing prints is even a forte of hers. Take a tip from Mindy and forget about slimming black, if you’re feeling colorful just wear everything with confidence!

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Image via Elle Who Shops

MMW: May 18th

julianne-moore-cannes-MMWAfter seeing Julianne Moore in this drop-dead Givenchy gown in Cannes a few days ago, I knew she had to be this week’s Monday’s Most Wanted. The natural beauty wows with every appearance on the red carpet, and is always put together everywhere else. At 54, Julianne is a role model for not being afraid to take chances with her wardrobe. Even in a fierce high-slit red dress with a croc-embossed leather bodice, she wears everything with grace and confidence. A friend of Tom Ford’s, she also appreciates the art of fashion, even appearing in his movie A Single Man (as a glamorously dressed woman of the 1960’s, of course). Having just won her first Oscar, it’s time she gets some more recognition for her artistic capabilities in the Style department as well!

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Image via Footwear News

MMW: May 11th

I wrote about her last Trendy Tuesday, I saw her on Jimmy Fallon Wednesday, and watched her show on Thursday, so it’s about time she made Monday’s Most Wanted. Kerry Washington, star of Scandal (tune in this week for the season finale!), is a natural beauty with natural Style to boot. Even off screen, Olivia Pope’s elegance seems to follow Kerry. Knowing her body so well, the silhouettes she picks are often my favorite part of her Style. She even turned heads in couture at the 2014 Golden Globes for her perfectly dressed baby bump. She’s certainly not afraid to wear color or patterns, but take a tip from Kerry and choose more streamlined silhouettes when wearing fun fabrics. Like Olivia Pope knows politics, follow Kerry’s Style advice and consider your wardrobe “handled”.

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Image via Fashion Bomb Daily

MMW: May 4th

In honor of tonight’s annual Met Gala, this week’s MMW goes to Sarah Jessica Parker, whose Met Gala looks always impress. As if being Carrie Bradshaw weren’t enough to catapult your Style into god-worthy status, SJP’s Style still wows even years after Sex and The City came to an end. One of her most memorable looks is the Oscar de la Renta gown she wore to the Met Gala in 2014–a stunning representation of the dress form and homage to the talented creator. Her Styling chops aren’t only distinguishable on the red carpet, however. She’s known to frequent best-dressed lists, often spotted on the streets of NYC in simply Stylish on-the-go looks. Her go-to pieces include cropped jeans, sensibly Stylish shoes, and a simply flattering top. Take a tip from this fashion girl’s versatility; Style can be dressed up or down, but as long as you’re true to yourself you’ll always be Stylish!

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Image via CBS News

MMW: April 27th


In celebration of her new book that came out just this week, the original It Girl is finally on Monday’s Most Wanted. As a former model for high fashion brands like Miu Miu and Chloé, Chloë has walked her fair share of runway shows, but that’s not her only claim to fame–her acting career is even lengthier. Aside from a successful career in acting and modeling, it’s her off-duty Style that has made Chloë Sevigny a muse to many. It’s hard to describe her Style without mentioning that she looks cool in anything. From Tomboy trends (she rocked short hair) to pretty dresses at premieres, Chloë makes every look her own. Take a tip from the Style icon and use vintage pieces or silhouettes to create one-of-a-kind outfits–it’s the history in her pieces that make her go down in fashion history.

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Image via Gypsy Warrior

MMW: April 20th


Marc Jacobs was making Style statements in dresses long before Jaden Smith–sorry, Jaden, but Marc always has and always will wear it best. Just like any runway collection of his, Marc’s Style is just so Marc. Tailored kilts, coats, and dresses are a staple in his everyday wardrobe, which he always accessorizes with a hunky Hermes bag. Eccentric to say the least, the man and his Style are legendary.

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Image via StyleClicker

MMW: April 13th


Though Ming Xi may not be a mainstream street Style maven, she does not disappoint when she is occasionally captured off-duty. The Chinese beauty is anything but ordinary in her Style. Often adding street elements to her otherwise elegant looks (like the LA dodgers bomber jacket for the outfit above, not pictured), Ming spices up already-amazing outfits with an unexpected twist. Following Ming’s recipe to good Style is easy when you start by adding something simple like sneakers (Ming is often spotted in new balances) to play down a fitted look–sadly that’s about all we can copy from the natural beauty.

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Image via Street Peeper

MMW: April 6th


There is only one word to describe Anna Dello Russo: fabulous. One of my personal favorite Style mavens, Anna’s aesthetic has no limits. It’s no surprise that she’s Editor-at-Large for Vogue Japan; Anna is often spotted in bold colors and unconventional silhouettes, which fit in more seamlessly with trends in Tokyo than at home in Milan. Widely popular with Street Style photographers, Anna’s angle is artistic to say the least. A rare case in Style, there’s a fine line between Anna’s Style and trending Fashions, but she makes it her own nevertheless. At 52 she is a fashion force to be reckoned with; rocking miniskirts and stilettos like none other, Anna’s Stylish confidence is one for the ages.

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Image via Pinterest

MMW: March 30th


It’s no surprise that Chrissy Teigen has bombshell Style. The former model’s feisty and outspoken personality has garnered attention this year–and it helps that her hubby is superstar John Legend, of course. Nevertheless, her Style is never over-the-top but always chic. Famous for showing off her killer curves, Chrissy knows how to balance sexy with tasteful. Take a tip from Chrissy and accentuate your best assets with your own chic Style.

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Image via DailyMail

MMW: March 23rd


Michelle Elie, a Haitian-American jewelry designer living in Germany (she already sounds fabulous, right?), is one of those fashionistas that makes us question just what is fashion. The former model is striking not just in her beauty but in her unique Style as well. Despite the dramatic clothes she often chooses, Michelle is a stellar example of a woman who does not let the clothes wear her. Michelle breathes life into her pieces in the way she wears them, making them theatrical and utterly intriguing. You can’t buy Style like Michelle’s, but you can purchase her equally-intriguing jewelry on her website–head there for more what-is-fashion inspiration.

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Image via My Spice

MMW: March 16th


Describing this Icon as eccentric would be a gross understatement. Susie Lau, founder of Style Bubble, bursts on the Street Style scene in her colorful and dramatic looks. As the UK’s most prominent fashion blogger, her hundreds of thousands of followers even include high-profile designers like Christopher Kane, a personal favorite of Susie’s. Recognized for her unique looks filled with color, texture, and whim, Susie’s master print-mixing is unmistakeable at Fashion week–talk about Signature Style!

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Image via BaoTinnhahn

MMW: March 9th



One of my all-time favorite Style Icons, Margherita Missoni is this week’s MMW. The eclectic Italian beauty has such a signature Style that she nails every time. Her boho vibe is unmistakeable but never outshines the polished goddess in every look. I’ll never forget herwedding dress–so Margherita, so perfect. Already heiress to the Missoni house, the happy mother of a 1-year-old bambino (with another on the way) is now launching her own kids line through and Nordstrom in the U.S. In her effortlessly cool way, Margherita Missoni shows us you can have it all.

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Image via The Fashion Law


MMW: March 2nd


AlexaChungAGVogueAlexa Chung is no stranger to the Style scene. Alexa started her career in the fashion industry as a teen model before becoming a famed street Style star. A well-known International Icon these days, Alexa is branching into the design world. Her first collaboration debuted early this year with AG Jeans. The easy-to-wear pieces featured hits like a retro denim dress and casual cotton pullovers that have been flaunted by fashion’s finest since the launch. If the success of this collaboration is any indication of what the future holds for Alexa, we’re going to be seeing a whole lot more from this talented Brit.

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Image via Vogue

MMW: February 23rd


Eva Chen at Sonia Rykiel

In her first year as Lucky’s Editor-in-Chief, Eva has become an instant street Style star. The fresh-faced fashion editor has a story not too different from my own; one fateful college summer at a Harper’s Bazaar changed her pre-med career track in favor of fashion, and look at her now! One of my personal favorite Style icons, Eva will try just about anything and pull it off. Read all about her story and adventurous take on personal Style that is both inspiring and trend-setting on Lucky Shops.

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Image via Gastro Chic

MMW: February 16th


In honor of President’s Day we recognize the ultimate American Style Icon, Miss Jackie O. As FLOTUS, one of her many perks included being able to hire a personal fashion designer to create a one-of-a-kind wardrobe (her clothing budget was more than the president’s annual salary). Jackie Kennedy’s famous Style didn’t stop after the White House; she shifted to a more boho-chic Style, but always looked just as fabulous as her polished presidency looks. Historically one of the most popular First Ladies and Fashion Icons, Miss Kennedy will never go out of Style.

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Image via Marie Claire

MMW: February 9th


How do sophistication and street meet? With Caroline Issa’s signature Style. The renowned street Style star is also fashion director at Tank Magazine, and (as of today) a fashion designer. Caroline teamed up with Nordstrom Signature to create timeless feminine designs– she describes the line, like her Style, as “classic with a twist.” The designs emulate her flawless street Style (iconic silhouettes with modern details make her a front-row fixture at Fashion Week). Stay tuned to Vogue for street Style at upcoming shows–Caroline always makes an appearance. And make sure to check out her newly launched line at Nordstrom for more Issa-piration!

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Image via The Fashion Spot

MMW: February 2nd

GwenStefaniVogueCoverSinger, Fashion Designer, Voice Coach, and Mom, Gwen Stefani does it all–in Style, of course!–making her this week’s Most Wanted. Known for her street Style and harajuku-inspired outfits, Gwen’s signature look is unmatched. Her unique Style blends trendy with polished so effortlessly. Take a tip from Gwen and pair baggy boyfriend jeans or sporty slacks with high heels and a red lip. With talent to boot, there’s No Doubt she’s an icon in music as well as fashion.

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Image via Vogue 

MMW: January 26th


This isn’t the first time Danish Street Style star Pernille Teisbaek has appeared on Foreign Affaires–remember the sweater-scarf? Leave it to the Danes to innovate in the field of fashion, too. Founder of the internationally-reaching blog Look de Pernille, Pernille is no stranger to being fashion-forward–her outfit even hits 3 of the most avant-garde trends I’ve featured on my blog (see culottes, socks with sandals, andfaux fur coats). While her Style may be unpredictable, it’s only because you can count on her to try the latest trend and nail it. To learn more about the former model and Fashion Editor and Director, make sure to check out her blog–one of my absolute favorites for outfit inspiration.

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Image Courtesy of The Fashion Medley

MMW: January 19th

While all top models may inherently have that mysterious je ne sais quoi, it’s no secret that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s quoi is her impeccable Style. The model and actress is already well known for her off-duty Style (appearing on several best-dressed lists from LAX to the red carpet), but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few timeless tips from her. I die for her head-to-toe black looks, which never look too dark or dated. To pull them off like Rosie, adding texture is key. Fur, sequins, lace, and leather are all great touches to add depth to a black outfit.

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Image Courtesy of Fashion on Rock

MMW: January 12th


In light of Sophia Amoruso’s recent announcement that she will be relinquishing her title as CEO of her brainchild NastyGal, the Stylish #GirlBoss is this week’s Most Wanted. It was Sophia’s fierce personal Style (inspired by vintage finds and street Style) that attracted so many followers that she outgrew her first webpage on eBay, prompting her to start her own website. Aside from her inspiring personal story of community-college dropout turned CEO of the fastest-growing retailer in the country, Sophia is also a published author, for more on her success story check out #GirlBoss .

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Image Courtesy of Luca & Azul Go to Mars

MMW: January 5th


Vanessa Hong, Style genius behind The Haute Pursuit, can pull off anything. Known for her killer street Style, the blogger takes minimalism to the max with her sporty-chic looks. She has mastered monotone color palettes by adding texture and taste to mix up her looks, and is queen of being Stylishly sporty–think nike socks with stiletto heels. Her charmingly boyish silhouettes are reminiscent of Alexander Wang, so it’s no surprise she happens to be a talented designer as well (as if she couldn’t get any cooler). Check out her website for the street-inspired designs; my favorites include the sweater skirt (brilliant!) and her signature bond cuffs.

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Image Courtesy of La Modella Mafia

MMW: December 29th


The year’s Most Wanted model doesn’t disappoint off duty. Cara Delevingne’s famous face has graced countless catwalks and magazine covers in haute couture, but her street Style is perhaps even more beloved by fashion fans. Often spotted in skater hats, sneakers, or vintage tees, her Style is ironically irreverent for a top model. Her iconic tough-girl looks so effortlessly complement her devil-may-care attitude–it’s no wonder one-of-a-kind Cara was 2014’s ultimate It-girl.

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Image Courtesy of This&That

MMW: December 22nd

Elton John AIDS Foundation's 13th Annual An Enduring Vision Benefit - Green Room Any fashion designer will have good Style, but that doesn’t mean they’re a Style Icon. Jenna Lyons, creative director at J. Crew, is an exception. Recently called out by her bosses at the clothing company for her “self-promotion” and lack of attention to the brand, it seems Jenna has much cooler things to do like chatting up Kate Middleton and appearing on HBO’s Girls. Always marching to the beat of her own drum, Jenna’s remarkable Style stems from turning J. Crew staples into fashion-forward pieces, like the velvet blazer that doubled as sexy evening attire at Elton John’s AIDS benefit (see above). Steal a page from Jenna’s signature spectacles and adopt your own unique look, you’ll be as unforgettable as this icon.

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Image Courtesy of Racked

MMW: December 15th

Anna Ewers at Valentino FW2014

The gorgeous German model Anna Ewers has had a big year–but she’s only getting started. Already named one of Harper Bazaar’s 10 Emerging Style Icons of 2014, Anna was also picked to be featured in the iconic 2015 Pirelli Calendar, the fashion industry’s most anticipated calendar each year. Known for her blonde bombshell beauty (think Brigitte Bardot) in the modelling world, Anna’s personal Style is quite tame. The street style star is often spotted in comfortable and flowing silhouettes, stylishly corroborating the age-old adage of “less is more”.

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Image Courtesy of GastroChic

MMW: December 8th

OlsenTwinsThis week’s Most Wanted comes in a double dose–because, let’s face it, picking between the two just wouldn’t be right. The Olsen twins have become synonymous with Style ever since they grew out of their Full House overalls and into vintage designer duds. Renowned for their boho chic Style, the twins have garnered much attention and have even become fashion icons–a rare accomplishment considering they transitioned from already successful acting careers. The designing duo has also received great praise from the fashion industry with their clothing lines Elizabeth and James and The Row. As if one of them wasn’t Stylish enough for the both of them, it’s safe to say that Olsen Style is twice as nice.

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Image Courtesy of Elle

MMW: December 1st


The spunky founder of Man Repeller (one of my favorite fashion websites), Leandra Medine is ridiculously funny as well as Stylish. In the past couple of years, this trendsetter has been featured in Forbes‘ “Top 30 Under 30” and won “Best Overall Blog” by the Bloglovin awards, to name a few. Take a (web)page from her website and forget about what men like to see on women; the more repelled they are from you, the more fashion forward you’re being–good for you, you strong independent woman!

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Image Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

MMW: November 24th



With countless achievements both inside and outside the world of fashion, Caroline de Maigret is the ultimate french cool girl. The former model pulls off boyfriend jeans like no other, somehow maintaining the femininity and sophistication of the typical french woman in simple masculine designs. The Chanel muse also just launched her book How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are in collaboration with four other french ladies, featuring snippets on what its really like to live in the most beautiful city in the world (and be so casual about it–so french). Fashion fiends are lining up for a glimpse at that je ne sais quoi quality to Caroline’s Style–myself included!

Anais Ortiz signature

Image Courtesy of Studded Hearts

MMW: November 17th



The pint-sized Miroslava Duma is a fashion force to reckoned with. A former editor at Russian Harper’s Bazaar, she started her own fashion magazine, Büro 24/7, in 2011. A front-row fixture at fashion week, Mira (as friends call her) is quickly rising in the world of couture. Her signature Style also makes her a street-style favorite–not to mention that she has one of the best-dressed baby bumps. From casual dresses with sneakers to sweeping fancy coats expertly draped over her shoulders, her cool and classy looks are equally represented in her vast yet congruous repertoire of Style. What’s not to love about this Russian doll?

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Image Courtesy of @miraduma

MMW: November



Pharrell Williams: singer, songwriter, producer, and phashion icon. That’s right, even fashion has it’s own twist when it’s on Pharrell. His legendary hat made headlines after its appearance at the 2014 Grammy’s, but Pharrell’s Style has a long history of phashion-forwardness. Boys, take notes. As if the sweetest man on earther couldn’t be any cooler, he wears tunics over jeans and cropped pants with tuxedo jackets. Needless to say, his sense of phashion will make you happy!

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Image Courtesy of The Huffington Post

MMW: October



With so much attention on her recent marriage to Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, I thought it was only right to point out Amal’s stellar Style too. Known for her sophistication, this barrister’s M.O. is always Stylish. As an exemplary fashion role model, Amal knows her body and how to flaunt it with polish and elegance. In fact, many of the dresses she wore during her wedding week in Italy were either custom made or altered from runway looks to show off her killer legs and body. The two-piece Stella McCartney cream suit worn to her civil wedding flows off her delicate frame to create a statuesque figure fit for a greek goddess. I think it’s safe to say that Amal has good taste in a lot of things…

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Image Courtesy of NY Daily News

MMW: September 



This Style siren has been catching headlines for some family drama as of late, but what she’s really known for is her killer Style. Strutting her signature hair, Solange is the queen bee of confidence. Often spotted in nude lips or barely there makeup, she stays true to her natural beauty, but she is no stranger to experimentation when it comes to her outfits. As seen in 2013, Solange rocks prints with more prints. Decked out in a colorful printed suit, she didn’t shy away from more flamboyance and went for an abstract clutch and striped sandals. Her remarkable panache is certainly awe-inspiring, but proceed with caution if you wish to try this at home.


Anais Ortiz signature


Photo Courtesy of Necole Bitchie

MMW: August

In honor of Barack Obama’s birthday (as well as my birth month and place, the nation’s capital!) this month’s Most Wanted goes to the First Lady. Michelle Obama knows the secret to every chic girl’s Style: knowing her body. The statuesque woman is no Twiggy, but her impeccable taste makes her look good in all the right places. The emerald green Marchesa stunner she wore to the Kennedy Center Honors Gala in 2013 gives her a glowing complexion and highlights her toned shoulders. The cinched waist and diamond illusion on the bodice create a tummy tightening effect that make the flowing skirt all the more lengthening for an overall elegant look. In other words, FLOTUS is Flawless.

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 5.33.41 PM


Photo Courtesy of E Online

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